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Charities and Organizations know a solid tool for generating revenue is to hold an auction.  Successful fundraisers have learned the secret of  tapping into this incredibly powerful tool – the Benefit  Auction.


The use of professional, experienced auctioneers will help you produce a FUN, PROFITABLE EVENT, which helps SELL YOUR MISSION.


Benefit Auctions are not about “selling stuff”. The Benefit Auction is about creating a memorable event that helps your constituents and supporters bond with your mission and have an enjoyable time while doing so. We allow them to open their hearts and wallets to support your cause. You can supplement your fundraising through both On-line and Live auctions. Many organizations have discovered their Annual Auction has become their signature fundraising event for the year.


Organizations in the Las Vegas, NV will do well hiring the services of Vegas Valley Auctions for their BENEFIT AUCTION. Buyers can benefit by getting great deals on every item we sell. Contact our experts today.

Specializing in the Liquidation of Businesses, Estates, Fleets and Construction Equipment…



I was very impressed with the professionalism of Vegas Valley Auctions.  They know the science of auctions and how to get the most out of the items being sold.  Thank you Vegas Valley Auctions for working hard to get the most money out of our items.


 – Andy Millerberg









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